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Breaking Down the Brewing Global Energy Crisis and Opportunities in Oil

Oil and gas prices have been on the rise, but what does this mean for passive investors?  One of the biggest contributors to the high-inflationary environment is high oil prices. This has caused us to really take a deeper look at what’s going on in the market. Are there some bigger trends at play that...

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Summer Economic Update 2021 – Should We Be Worried About Inflation?

Author note: As a real estate fund manager myself, this is not just an academic exercise for me like it might be for others. One of the things that both my business partner Jim and I have really tried to design into our funds is timing. For example, if you bought a dot com investment...

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Summer Economic Update 2021 – Real Estate Market Projections

In part 1 of the summer 2021 economic update, we covered inflation and whether it’s something to be worried about. Part 2 will cover real estate and where the housing market is headed. Current Real Estate Market Overview Home Prices It likely comes as no surprise that home sales are absolutely booming, hitting the highest...

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Is Now the Right Time to Pull Equity Out of Your Home?

This article was originally published on With housing prices having just finished their eighth consecutive year of strong gains, you may be sitting on a good amount of equity in your home. Sitting on that equity can feel great. But is it the smart choice? Or, does it make sense to take advantage of...

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