Steve Gryglewski

SVP Workout Operations (Distressed Debt)

Prior to Aspen, Mr. Gryglewski was a banker for 29 years and was involved in portfolio management, workout solutions, REO management and sales, accounting, and loan operations. Mr. Gryglewski oversees Aspen’s workout operations team for their non-performing mortgage portfolio.

Mr. Gryglewski was a Senior Vice President at several banks where he specialized in loss-mitigation and loan default workouts. He has proven himself as an effective leader and mentor with the ability to provide a team-oriented management style focused on corporate goals and objectives. Throughout his various roles, he has proven himself as an effective leader, and in implementing loan workout processes. In his most recent role, he was able to reduce Classified Assets from $119MM in April 2011 to $72MM in September 2013.

Steve is a frequent speaker at mortgage conferences, where he is considered an expert in all aspects of the mortgage note business.

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Our income fund is designed to generate consistent passive income every month for our investors. Every month we send preferred returns right into your bank account – 8.5% annually. Or, if you like, you can reinvest those returns and compound your investment.

Also, every quarter we add up any additional profits and share those with our investors. These profits are accrued into the share price, so the value of your shares grow too. What about when you need some or all of your money back? Unlike most private funds, we offer investors the ability to redeem their investment on a quarterly basis after our 1-year lock-up period.

Learn more about the fund strategy by attending our webinar.

Preferred Return: 8.5% | Track Record: 5 years | Accredited Investors Only | Minimum Investment: $50,000



Our growth funds are designed to generate strong returns for investors who want to grow and compound their wealth. We started our first fund using this niche strategy and have produced strong results. We continue to operate several funds using this strategy.

Because this is such a niche strategy, and we are very selective in the assets we purchase, we are currently unable to deploy more capital. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to be notified as new opportunities arise or we create new funds.

24 Month net IRR: 15% | Track Record: 5 years | Status: Currently closed to new investors

Watch The Webinar

The 45-minute Aspen Income Fund Deep Dive webinar covers many topics about the Aspen Income Fund in great detail, including:

How to generate consistent income passively

Real examples of real estate notes and how they work

How private investments compare to other asset classes

The keys to conservatively underwriting these assets

Why it's better to be the bank

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