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Welcome to Aspen Funds; we’re glad you stopped by our website. Since you may not know a lot about us at this point, our firm manages several private funds for accredited investors looking to generate passive income with uncorrelated returns to the stock market using real estate notes. You can read about some of Aspen’s Advantages below.

But, before you jump in, we wanted to let you know of a limited offer for Wealth Standard podcast listeners. Our income fund pays out an 8.5% annualized preferred return, monthly. However, if you let us know you found us through this podcast, we will bump your preferred return to 10% for the first year (other conditions may apply). This offer expires on 2/28/19, so be sure to check out the webinar and then let us know if this is of interest to you.

The Aspen Advantage

Aspen Funds operates several private investment funds in real estate notes for accredited investors. There are several advantages over traditional investment options that are very attractive.


Our funds provide strong annualized returns between 9-15%. These funds are uncorrelated to the market and use very low leverage.


Because our funds are not publicly traded and therefore not subject to the whims of the stock market, they have very low volatility.


Our funds are secured by residential single-family homes. Real estate notes deliver strong income as well as real assets as collateral.


In several of our funds, we offer liquidity for our investors after 1 year on a quarterly basis, whereas most private funds have lockup periods between 3-10 years.

Our Track Record by the Numbers


Total Loans


Invested In


Years Track


Years Combined Real
Estate Experience

Your Investment Changes Lives

While everyone is searching for the best options to generate strong returns on their investments, very few investments actually make a positive impact. When we buy notes, we become the mortgage lender. And while making our investors money is our first priority, we seek to help our borrowers whenever we can and create true win-win scenarios.

Because we buy mortgage notes at steep discounts, it allows us flexibility when working with borrowers. In many cases, we have wiped out debt or modified loan terms for affordable payments. And because of these discounts, we’re able to help people without sacrificing investor returns.

You can feel good about your investment with Aspen.

Watch The Webinar

The 45-minute Aspen Income Fund Deep Dive webinar covers many topics about the Aspen Income Fund in great detail, including:

How to generate consistent income passively

Real examples of real estate notes and how they work

How private investments compare to other asset classes

The keys to conservatively underwriting these assets

Why it's better to be the bank

About Aspen's historical track record


We're providing a limited offer, 10% Preferred Return for our Wealth Standard Podcast listeners. Contact us now!

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