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Diversify Your Portfolio Through Private Investments

Because of recent regulation changes, a whole new class of investments have opened up to individual investors. Until recently, individual investors were mostly unable to make investments other than stocks, bonds, and other publicly traded securities, leaving the world of alternative investments to a select few institutional investors.

Institutional investors–like hedge funds, family offices and endowments–have been investing in stock market alternatives for decades, while individual investors have been beholden to the volatility of the public markets. But now, you don’t need to leave your wealth to the whims of the markets, you can take control of your money.

Aspen Funds provides an avenue for private, passive real estate investing that offers better returns and lower volatility than the stock market. It’s time to invest like the smart money.

Our Current Offerings

Experience Across Asset Classes

Aspen Funds has an excellent 10-year track record as an operator in multiple asset classes.

Our management team’s diverse background spans a broad range of experience across many asset classes.

As successful operators & investors, we are well-positioned to find, vet & structure best-in-class deals for our investors.

Learn more about our team’s backgrounds and expertise.

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Our Process

Aspen Funds has a unique process for identifying investment opportunities. We start with a top-down approach, doing extensive research on key macro-economic trends we believe are likely to continue. As it has been said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Next, we identify the asset classes and strategies best poised to benefit from these trends. This forms our investment thesis. Finally, we conduct extensive due diligence, evaluating hundreds of deals and partners to select the best-in-class opportunities.

We co-invest alongside our investors in every deal we put together, and oversee asset management, financial reporting, and business plan execution.

Identify key macro trends in play and likely to continue

Identify best asset classes & investment strategies that will benefit from those trends

Identify best-in-class co-sponsors & perform extensive due diligence

Our Value Proposition

We Perform Deep Due Diligence
Our leadership team spends countless hours conducting extensive due diligence on every deal and partner that we bring to our investors. We are able to do diligence that most investors can’t perform saving time and giving you confidence we stand behind it.

We Co-Invest
As an investor, it is important for a sponsor to have “skin in the game.” We invest as a limited partner alongside our investors in every deal. The gives you confidence that we stand behind every deal we bring to our investors.

We Perform Asset Management
As a sponsor with a 10-year track record, we have high standards on the reporting we provide to our investors. Once we closed on an asset, the real work begins. We oversee the execution of the business plan for each investment and ensure the everything is on track.

Our Track Record by the Numbers


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