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Expanded Offerings in 2022

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Expanded Offerings in 2022

You know Aspen Funds as the mortgage note experts. And while we are that, we also have been expanding our set of investor opportunities behind the scenes to include some new asset classes.

From the beginning, our long-term vision for Aspen has been to be a premier provider of alternative investment opportunities for our network. As our leadership team is very attuned to economic trends and cycles, we look for where the opportunity lies. Early on in our formation, the mortgage space was very opportunistic, given then-current economic trends.

We are still operating our notes funds and are excited about the future growth within notes that we’ll see in 2022 and beyond.

But in 2021, our leadership team began exploring new asset classes to diversify our own portfolios beyond notes. And now we want to start bringing these opportunities to you as a strategic curator of alternative investments.

Aspen Funds' experience across asset classes, including mortgage notes, multifamily, self-storage, venture debt, industrial

Our Economic Thesis

Our investment thesis has always been to invest with the economic tides, or broader, underlying economic trends. Where we see the budding opportunities from these economic tides is where we want to be investing.

We have a 4-step process that we use to filter through all the deals out there, to curate the best of best that we are very confident about given underlying economic factors.

  1. Evaluate the big-picture economic drivers. These are things like inflation trends, interest rate, debt service, consumer and business sentiment, housing market trends.
  2. Find the asset classes that are most poised to succeed in our current economic environment
  3. Determine what the best method or strategy is for investing in this asset class
  4. Partner with the best operators managing deals in this asset class


What’s coming down the pike?

We will be sharing some of these new deals very soon, so expect to see more details. But just to give you a sneak peek, in Q4 of last year, we closed both a new self-storage deal and multifamily deal. We have more to come in familiar asset classes like these, as well as some more unique opportunities ahead for both our growth- and income-focused investors.

Our Current Offerings


Aspen Income Fund is a residential mortgage fund designed to provide current income for investors. This secured real estate income Fund purchases and owns a diversified portfolio of income-producing mortgages, purchased at a discount, to produce above market returns at 9% annually. The Fund is secured by residential real estate across the United States.

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This fund is for a producing oil field with 23,000+ acres in Edwards and Kiowa County, Kansas, with 25 Oil & Gas wells and 2 salt-water disposal wells providing an immediate yield of approximately 85+ Bbls of oil and 205 cu. feet of natural gas per day in existing production.

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