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Alternative Investment Opportunities

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Macro-Driven Offerings

Aspen Funds' experience across asset classes, including mortgage notes, multifamily, self-storage, venture debt, industrial

Our Economic Thesis

Our investment thesis has always been to invest with the economic tides, or broader, underlying economic trends. Where we see the budding opportunities from these economic tides is where we want to be investing.

We have a 4-step process that we use to filter through all the deals out there, to curate the best of best that we are very confident about given underlying economic factors.

  1. Evaluate the big-picture economic drivers. These are things like inflation trends, interest rate, debt service, consumer and business sentiment, housing market trends.
  2. Find the asset classes that are most poised to succeed in our current economic environment
  3. Determine what the best method or strategy is for investing in this asset class
  4. Partner with the best operators managing deals in this asset class

Our Current Offerings


Aspen Income Fund is a residential mortgage fund designed to provide current income for investors. This secured real estate income Fund purchases and owns a diversified portfolio of income-producing mortgages, purchased at a discount, to produce above market returns at 9% annually. The Fund is secured by residential real estate across the United States.

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Watercolors of Centerton is a 376-unit community, in Centerton, Arkansas. Over the past decade, Northwest Arkansas has emerged as one of the country’s most dynamic economic regions. Commonly dubbed “Vendorville”, Walmart, Proctor and Gamble, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Kellogg’s, and Hershey’s are just a few of the major retailers that have a presence in this region. Watercolors is a luxury community, that provides residents with a host of upscale amenities which include a year round golf simulator, a swimming pool, fitness center, business center, and more!
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Aspen is purchasing existing and nearly entitled land in Wichita, Kansas to construct two large industrial warehouse/manufacturing space (~325K total sqft). This property is well-located, within Wichita with proximity to major international suppliers and easy highway access. This development is neighboring a manufacturing facility which has already brought utilities to the site. Our team will implement the strategy described in more detail in this presentation and more thoroughly in the offering documents. We will target a 2-year hold and flip out once constructed and stabilized, seeking to maximize investor returns.
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We will be purchasing two neighborhood retail strip centers in the Kansas City sub market, right in our backyard. This investment is a value-add opportunity, with strong going-in cash flow.
Our boots-on-the-ground partners have extensive experience in retail real estate and have completed this exact plan on similar type properties. The strategy is simple: improve curb appeal and visibility of the properties to attract more customers, more customers attracts stronger tenants, more tenant demand drives up rental rates, thereby increasing cash flow & driving value creation.
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