Inverted Yield Curve - 2020 Economic Forecast - Part 4

Happy New Year! Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the past articles on the economy and stock market valuations as we head in 2020, and have found some insights valuable. This will be the fourth article in our 5-part series. If you missed any of the last three articles, you can read them here:  2020 Economic Forecast –...

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Stock Market Forecast 2020 - Economic Forecast - Part 3

In the last two sections of our economic analysis, we covered several of the key fundamental drivers of the economy and the direction of these “tides.” If you missed either of the last two articles, you can read them here:  2020 Economic Forecast – Economy (Part 1)2020 Economic Forecast – Economy (Part 2) In Part 3...

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2020 Economic Forecast - US Economy - Part 2

Last week we shared Part 1 of our analysis of the current state of the U.S. Economy. We covered our approach to understanding economic “tides”, U.S. Employment and Household Income, and Consumer & Business Sentiment. If you missed last week’s analysis, you can read it here: 2020 Economic Forecast – Economy (Part 1) In Part 2 of...

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2020 Economic Forecast - US Economy - Part 1

Recently, we have been frequently asked by investors about our perspective on the economy as we head into 2020. Are we heading into a recession? When will this happen? Will it be as bad as 2008? Obviously, this is something on the forefront of investor’s minds. But, it’s also hard to give a succinct answer....

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Some of Our Favorite Investing Podcasts

Here's a roundup of some high-quality podcasts on real estate, investing, and generating cash flow: Old Dawg's REI Network by Bill Manassero - This network is a community of people who are in or near retirement who are interested in generating increased cash flow throughout their retirement years. And here's an episode when our Co-Founder...

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6 Benefits of Alternative Investments

What is an ‘alternative investment’? The term ‘alternative investment,’ might bring to mind an investment that only large institutional investors have access to, or at least an investment that is generally too complicated for the average investor to understand. This is a common misconception, and until recently, may have been somewhat true. But, with recent...

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