2021 Economic Forecast - Pt. 5 - The Stock Market

Part 5 of our series on 2021 economic predictions covers the stock market. Topics include the business valuations in the S&P 500, P/E ratios and subsequent historical and projected earnings, and our predictions of who will be the 2021 winners. And in case you missed them, see parts 1 through 4 of this series below....

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2021 Economic Forecast - Pt. 4 - Housing Market

Part 4 of our series on economic predictions in 2021 will cover the housing and real estate market, including trends in urban flight, single family housing, mortgage delinquencies, housing prices, and details on whether or not there's a housing bubble. And in case you missed them, see below for parts 1-3 of this economic series....

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2021 Economic Forecast - Pt. 3 - The Biden Tax Plan

Part 3 of our 2021 economic forecast will examine Biden's proposed tax plan and it's effect on the US economy, including an overview of the proposed changes and their impact on investments and asset prices, as well as minimum wage increases and unemployment rates, and post-crisis stimulus and recovery. And in case you missed them,...

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2021 Economic Forecast – Pt. 2 – COVID19 Recovery

In this 2021 economic forecast, we’re looking at the major trends and tides that are affecting our economy and our investment world. In part one, I shared about the general economy and what’s happening. And in this part, we’re going to look at the coming COVID recovery and what’s likely to happen for our economy...

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2021 Economic Forecast - Pt. 1 - Economic Outlook Overview

Periodically, Aspen Funds will publish a new economic forecast report focused on macro-economic trends. Aspen Co-Founder and CFO, Bob Fraser, has written economic newsletters for many years, and is a well-respected authority, having helped thousands navigate through the changing economic cycles. He has an impressive track record forecasting trends related to real estate, currencies, commodities...

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5 Things to Financially Prepare for Year-End

We’re coming up on that point in the year when most people start thinking about finances, estimating how much income you’ll earn, evaluating how your investments are performing, and how it all will impact your taxes. It’s a great time to start preparing for the coming year. And this year is special. In even the...

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