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The Definitive Breakdown of REITs vs Private REITs

Public REITs have been a popular way to invest in Real Estate since the 1970s, with around $1.4 trillion in investor cash. But ever since the JOBS Act passed in 2016, we have seen a flood of new real estate investment opportunities enter the mix – in particular, private REITs and private equity. These new...

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4 Financial Moves to Make Before Year-End – There’s Still Time

As we near the end of the year, many people start evaluating their finances and thinking about how to prepare for the coming year. If you still haven’t made any financial moves, don’t worry – there’s still time. But you’ve got to move fast. And with the unique economic circumstances – post-pandemic supply chain issues,...

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6 Benefits of Alternative Investments

What is an ‘Alternative Investment’? The term ‘alternative investment,’ might bring to mind an investment that only large institutional investors have access to, or at least an investment that is generally too complicated for the average investor to understand. This is a common misconception, and until recently, may have been somewhat true. But, with recent...

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Summer Economic Update 2021 – Should We Be Worried About Inflation?

Author note: As a real estate fund manager myself, this is not just an academic exercise for me like it might be for others. One of the things that both my business partner Jim and I have really tried to design into our funds is timing. For example, if you bought a dot com investment...

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Summer Economic Update 2021 – Real Estate Market Projections

In part 1 of the summer 2021 economic update, we covered inflation and whether it’s something to be worried about. Part 2 will cover real estate and where the housing market is headed. Current Real Estate Market Overview Home Prices It likely comes as no surprise that home sales are absolutely booming, hitting the highest...

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Passive Real Estate Investing Strategies – The Complete Guide

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie was once quoted saying that “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.” I don’t know if that number is true, but it’s undeniable that real estate has been a consistent place for long-term wealth creation....

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