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Disclaimer: The testimonials below are from clients of Aspen Funds. They are not financial advisors. These comments should not be taken as investment advice, as they don’t understand your personal situation, goals, strategies, etc. and are not professional investors. These comments are solely intended to relate clients’ experiences as an investor and not as investment advice. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

What Our Investors are Saying

I am a healthcare marketing executive. I have known Bob Fraser for over 10 years and hold him in the highest regard, and I have been with Aspen from the beginning. I couldn’t be more pleased – the returns have been wonderful, the dividends and statements come on time, and the team is always responsive and helpful. I feel like my money is in good hands.

Dawn, Marketing Executive

I am a retired accountant now farming. I have invested in two of the Aspen funds. The returns are excellent, investor communications are great and everything is done with integrity. I highly recommend Aspen Funds.

Lloyd, Retired Accountant

As income investors, it is always a challenge to find high yields with low risk, as the Aspen Team has done for our family in the last four years. They have worked hard to provide a proven fund management model with professionalism and personal attention to our concerns. We have personally known Bob Fraser for over ten years and know him as a man of integrity.

Charles and Jane, Retired Investors

I’m an accounting professor and real estate investor. In the past, I have not had much free time to oversee my portfolio. In early 2014, Bob Fraser contacted me to tell me about Aspen and its projected returns, and I decided to invest in Aspen. I am very happy with the returns, and my only regret is that I wish I had invested more. I am impressed with the Aspen team — their professional and timely quarterly reports, investment strategies, and of course, ROI.

Marsha, Professor

I am a Family Practitioner and have made a number of investments throughout the years, with mixed results. I have found Aspen to be very professional and to do what they say. It’s wonderful to have a place to put my retirement savings that I know is well taken care of and that I don’t have to think a lot about. They are great people and do a terrific job.

Terry, Doctor

My wife and I operate a large farm in Minnesota. As a self-employed farmer, it is nice to have a great investment vehicle to park cash into in the surplus years and extra income and a cash reserve for the challenging years. Since Feb 2013, we’ve had investments with three of Aspen’s funds and have been very pleased. They have a well-designed investment model, are professionally run and operated and have timely and complete statements. We personally know one of the founders and know him to be both astute in his understanding of economics and financial markets. With knowing the founder for 13 years and having an investment relationship for 4 years, we continue to have high respect and regard for the Aspen team.

Steve & Cheryl, Farmers

I am a CPA and also the Executive Director of Northern Michigan Angel investment group. I have reviewed many investments, and it is a pleasure to see one like Aspen, with its outstanding business model and professional execution with timely updates on its progress.

David and Deanna, CPA

My wife and I are in our mid 30’s. We work on our family farm but have often looked for more investment opportunities outside of farming and the stock market. We have tried many different investments in the past 10 yrs. 4 years ago we began investing with Bob Fraser, as of today the Aspen investments are the only ones we have done that have given us any returns. In fact, they exceeded the projections and our expectations! The caliber of honesty, integrity, and talent of Bob and his team are hands down the best we have ever worked with.

Greg and Erica, Farmers

I am a business guy from Canada who owns different companies, one with 500 employees. I like to find great opportunities. I have been with Aspen for about four years. I look for people who have very good business experience and that I can trust. Aspen has provided that for me.

Brian, Business Owner

Hear from some of our current investors

The communication has been great, so I know exactly where I’m at. The returns have been consistent.

-Dan E, Psychologist and Professor of Psychology

One reason I like Aspen is integrity. You guys always do what you say you’re going to do. Or you do better.

You all have really figured out how to make intelligent investments in the mortgage market that really pencils out on a risk-reward ratio

-Larry D, Retired Real Estate Appraiser

I compared your note fund to some others and decided that your straight-forward approach was the one I was looking for. You haven’t missed any payments. It’s been as stated, no surprises.

-Tim S, Real Estate Broker

You guys do what you say you’re going to do, and you pick up the phone when I need to talk to someone. The Income Fund has been consistent, on time and predictable.

-Justin G, Retired Businessman

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