with Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio
and Ben Fraser

Most investors don’t know that the ultra-wealthy (billionaires, institutions and family offices) have large portions of their investment portfolios allocated to investments outside the stock market and in alternatives like real estate, private equity and hedge funds. Meanwhile, the average high net worth investor is mostly invested in stocks and bonds.

Join Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio, and Ben Fraser as they dive into the world of alternative investments, uncover strategies of the ultra-wealthy, discuss economics and interview successful investors and alternative investment experts.

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How Billionaires Pay Less In Taxes Than Average Americans

Recent data on the tax returns of America's wealthiest reveals just how little they actually pay in taxes. Whatever your opinion on current tax laws, find out the strategies billionaires use to legally and routinely lower their tax liability to...


A Financial Advisor's Perspective On Including Alts In Your Portfolio w/ Josh Wright

Josh Wright is an experienced financial advisor who uses alternative investments as a key pillar for his clients. In this interview, we dive into why Josh loves private alternatives and why most financial advisors avoid them, despite many advantages of...


Evaluating and Vetting Potential Sponsors with Lance Pederson

One of the biggest obstacles investors face is finding and performing due diligence on investment, operators, or sponsors. How should you go about evaluating an opportunity to really know what you're getting into? Lance Pederson, founder of Verivest, has made it his...


Inflation, Interest Rates, and Contrarian Economics With Hunter Thompson

  Hunter Thompson has been in the private equity world for over a decade, raising over $50M in investor capital. Having invested in many real estate asset classes, Hunter's economic perspective shapes much of his strategy for evaluating opportunities. His...


Leveraging 1031 Exchanges and DSTs With Brandon Bruckman

One of the primary tools the ultra-wealthy use to defer taxes and maximize their investments in real estate is 1031 exchanges. This tax-advantaged strategy is unique to real estate, and today's guest will be sharing how all real estate investors...