with Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio
and Ben Fraser

Most investors don’t know that the ultra-wealthy (billionaires, institutions and family offices) have large portions of their investment portfolios allocated to investments outside the stock market and in alternatives like real estate, private equity and hedge funds. Meanwhile, the average high net worth investor is mostly invested in stocks and bonds.

Join Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio, and Ben Fraser as they dive into the world of alternative investments, uncover strategies of the ultra-wealthy, discuss economics and interview successful investors and alternative investment experts.

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Latest Episodes

2022 Economic Outlook with Bob Fraser

What To Expect For The Rest of the Year In this week's episode Bob Fraser discuss the future of inflation, CRE cap rates, housing sales volume and prices, if a recession is about to happen, and what these imply for...


[International Mini-Series] Investing In Emerging Markets With Ladislas Maurice

Ladislas Maurice, dubbed the “Wandering Investor,” called his corporate career quits to travel the world in search of investing opportunities. Focusing mostly on emerging and frontier markets, Ladislas’ has used investing to make money, but also to secure residency in...


Collectibles, Comic Books & Music Royalties - How To Evaluate Modern Alternatives With Stefan von Imhof

  Stefan von Imhof is the co-founder of, and is an investor in “modern” alternatives. Stefan talks about investing in newer assets like collectibles, cultural assets, and music rights. Without a central, authoritative source for valuations, Stefan discusses how to...


Passive Investor Spotlight #5: Buying Your Time Back With Justin Donald

Justin Donald, author of The Lifestyle Investor, has been named the “Investment World’s New Warren Buffett.” Justin joins Bob and Ben to talk about his transition from a business owner on a hamster wheel to a lifestyle investor with control...


Is Retail Real Estate the Next Hot Asset Class? - Interview w/ Parker Webb

On the heels of our latest Top of Mind episode on retail real estate, this episode dives into a unique area of retail, neighborhood strip centers, with Parker Webb, FTW Investments CEO. Parker has worked in retail real estate since...