with Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio
and Ben Fraser

Most investors don’t know that the ultra-wealthy (billionaires, institutions and family offices) have large portions of their investment portfolios allocated to investments outside the stock market and in alternatives like real estate, private equity and hedge funds. Meanwhile, the average high net worth investor is mostly invested in stocks and bonds.

Join Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio, and Ben Fraser as they dive into the world of alternative investments, uncover strategies of the ultra-wealthy, discuss economics and interview successful investors and alternative investment experts.

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Latest Episodes

Inside Look at Endowment Funds with Investment Director Greg Dowell, CFA

Greg Dowell, CFA is the Director of Investments of the Texas State Endowment System, and a 30-year veteran in alternative investments. In this episode, Greg talks about his experience taking an endowment he work for from 0% to 40% into...


2022 Housing Market Forecast w/ Nikolas Scoolis

Nikolas Scoolis is the Manager of Housing Economics at Zonda Research, the #1 provider of housing economic data in the U.S. In this episode, they dive deep into the supply/demand imbalance, what caused the massive run up in prices over...


Where You Should Invest in a High-Inflation Environment

Inflation is not neutral. It’s a transfer of wealth from savers to borrowers. It’s a time where you can lose purchasing power of your money, or a time where your investments can benefit. How you fare depends on how you...


Passive Investor Spotlight #4 - High Tech Career to Mobile Home Parks w/ Todd Sulzinger

Todd Sulzinger started out with a high-powered career in Silicon Valley, but found he wanted more control over his life and what he did. When evaluating where to put some of his capital, he discovered mobile home parks, long before...


State of Gold: Passive Investing in Gold Streaming w/ David Garofalo

David Garofalo, former CEO of Goldcorp Inc, has 30 years of experience in the creation and growth of over 15 multi-billion dollar sustainable mining businesses across multiple continents, and has led the largest merger in gold mining history valued at...