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Intro To Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing

This week we take a deeper look at private equity and venture capital as we look to emulate the strategies and investment vehicles that the ultra wealthy use to generate better returns and diversification. Average investors have historically been under-allocated to these asset classes, but for many ultra HNWIs, their allocations to private equity are...


Inflation, Interest Rates, and Contrarian Economics With Hunter Thompson

Hunter Thompson has been in the private equity world for over a decade, raising over $50M in investor capital. Having invested in many real estate asset classes, Hunter's economic perspective shapes much of his strategy for evaluating opportunities. His view of economic thought has changed over time, and many of his perspectives are contrarian to...


How Billionaires Pay Less In Taxes Than Average Americans

Recent data on the tax returns of America's wealthiest reveals just how little they actually pay in taxes. Whatever your opinion on current tax laws, find out the strategies billionaires use to legally and routinely lower their tax liability to keep more of their wealth. --- Watch the podcast here: Listen to the podcast here:...


Economic Update: The Great Resignation, Ramped-Up Inflation & What It Means For Investors

Recent inflation numbers are causing alarm bells to go off, making investors scramble to determine how best to prepare. Bob & Ben break down the underlying factors causing this spike in inflation, and the unintended consequence of "The Great Resignation." Learn about why this is happening, why this is mostly a US phenomenon, and what...