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Top of Mind Series: What Happened to the Retail Apocalypse?

What’s actually going on with retail real estate? For years, we’ve been seeing headlines declaring that retail real estate is dying, and e-commerce will win. We dive into some charts from a recent presentation we saw from a well-know real estate economist. The findings are illuminating! On this mini-episode series, Bob and Ben dive into...


Top of Mind Series: What’s Causing High Gas Prices?

Nearly everyone is asking, "What's the deal with gas prices?" Most Americans are feeling the pinch, while energy bills and gasoline prices have been skyrocketing for months. So, what is causing such a dramatic increase in energy prices? Is the Ukraine invasion solely to blame for rising energy prices? In this week's Top of Mind...


Top of Mind Series: Why are US companies bringing manufacturing back to America? Part 1

The past few years have completely upended the global supply chain. This, along with many other factors, is causing more and more companies to bring manufacturing back to America. But is this a short-term trend, or a fundamental shift in manufacturing? In this episode, Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser take a look at some of...


Top of Mind: Interest Rates, Recession, and Finding Opportunities

With interest rates rising and a recession looming, successfully navigating bumpy waters can be challenging. But, the best opportunities always occur when the economic landscape is shifting. In this episode of the Top of Mind series, co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser talk about many of the questions on investors’ minds. They discuss whether or...