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Intro To Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing

This week we take a deeper look at private equity and venture capital as we look to emulate the strategies and investment vehicles that the ultra wealthy use to generate better returns and diversification. Average investors have historically been under-allocated to these asset classes, but for many ultra HNWIs, their allocations to private equity are...


Passive Investor Spotlight #1: Hitting it Big Through Venture Investing with Dan Schulte

In this interview we hear from attorney and passive investor Dan Schulte. Schulte was the former general counsel for a multi billion-dollar money manager and has invested significantly in private venture capital and other alternatives. In our passive investor spotlight series, we talk with individuals who have had success investing passively in alternative investments. Throughout...


Investing in Biotech: From Scientist to Venture Capital Investor – feat. Ron Shigeta

We are excited for this week’s episode, as we dive further into the world of venture capital. Co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser interviewed Ron Shigeta, a venture capitalist in biotechnology for food. Ron is a Ph.D. turned investor and runs a very successful startup accelerator. They talk about his experiences, how investing in biotech...


How to Vet Venture Capital Funds – feat. Joel Palathinkal

We dig even deeper into the world of venture capital, exploring how the landscape is changing, whether to invest directly in companies or through funds and even starting your own fund. This week co-hosts Ben Fraser and Bob Fraser talked with Joel Palathinkal, founder and director of Sutton Capital - an educational community connecting fund...

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