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Top of Mind Series: What’s Causing High Gas Prices?

Nearly everyone is asking, "What's the deal with gas prices?" Most Americans are feeling the pinch, while energy bills and gasoline prices have been skyrocketing for months. So, what is causing such a dramatic increase in energy prices? Is the Ukraine invasion solely to blame for rising energy prices? In this week's Top of Mind...


Breaking Down the Brewing Energy Crisis and Opportunities feat. Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser

Oil and gas prices have been on the rise, but what does this mean for passive investors?  Download Bob’s slides or watch Ben Fraser and Bob Fraser as they delve into more macroeconomic trends in the oil and gas industry, current market events, and analyze Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research since 1998. Don't miss this...


Investing in Oil and Gas in Today’s Market – feat. Grant Norwood

With the steady rise in energy prices, the oil and gas industry has even more profitable opportunities for investors. In this episode, you'll hear from Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser as they visit with Grant Norwood, President of Norwood Energy Corp, about the current state of the industry, where it's headed, and demystifying real world...


Oil & Gas Economics: What the Future Holds feat. Robin Winkle

There has been recent turbulence in the oil & gas market. In past episodes, we’ve analyzed the current environment. In this episode, we brought in an oil & gas expert to discuss the long-term supply and demand imbalance, the bumpy transition to green energy, and how geopolitical issues will rewrite the global supply. Join in...

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