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Accredited Investors: Learn How You Can Diversify Passively Into Macro-Driven Real Estate

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Our Economic Thesis

Our investment thesis has always been to invest with the economic tides, or broader, underlying economic trends. Where we see the budding opportunities from these economic tides is where we want to be investing.

  • Mortage Notes
  • Housing
  • Self-storage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial


Aspen Funds has an excellent 10-year track record as an operator in multiple asset classes.

Our management team’s diverse background spans a broad range of experience across many asset classes. As successful operators and investors, we are well-positioned to find, vet and structure best-in-class deals for our investors.


A Hassle-free Process

Aspen Funds has a unique process for identifying investment opportunities. We start with a top-down approach, doing extensive research on key macro-economic trends we believe are likely to continue.

We co-invest alongside our investors in every deal we put together, and oversee asset management, financial reporting, and business plan execution.

Identify key macro trends in play and likely to continue.
Assess best classes & investment strategies that will benefit from those trends.
Locate best-in-class co-sponsors & perform extensive due diligence.

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