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Generating Consistent Income Through Real Estate Notes

As interest rates are being driven to historic lows, finding investments with strong yields is becoming increasingly difficult. This puts the investor in a challenging situation – either you must take more risk to chase higher yields (like junk bonds, for example), or you must look outside of the public markets. Our solution to finding strong but safe yields? Real Estate Notes.


Get the Mortgage Note Investing Guide

Learn how to generate Consistent Income through real estate notes

This comprehensive guide will show you how real estate notes can generate consistent income. You’ll find details on:

  • What is Mortgage Note Investing?
  • Why real estate notes exist
  • Advantages of investing in notes
  • A case study of an actual note in our Income Fund
  • An economic overview of why the housing marketing is strong
  • How to invest in real estate notes

Download the free guide now to learn more.

Watch The Webinar

The latest 27-minute Aspen Income Fund Deep Dive webinar covers many topics in great detail, including:

How to generate consistent income passively

Real examples of real estate notes and how they work

How private investments compare to other asset classes

The keys to conservatively underwriting these assets

Why it's better to be the bank

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