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The Surprising Truth of the Energy Transition: A Case for Investing in Oil & Gas

The “energy transition” narrative has been dominating our headlines for some time now. It seems like every day, there's a new report about our shift from fossil fuels towards greener energy sources – which is important. But as we recently discussed on our live masterclass with oil and gas industry veteran and CEO of Mohajir...

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Strategies Ultrahigh Net Worth Individuals Use To Build And Keep Their Wealth

Originally published by Ben Fraser on Ben Fraser helps investors navigate the alternative investment world as the Chief Investment Officer at Aspen Funds and co-host of Invest Like a Billionaire Podcast. Many people chalk up the success of ultrahigh net worth individuals (UHNWI) to luck or trust funds, but the truth is, most of these people...

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The Best Types of Investments in an Unpredictable Economy

When the economy is unpredictable and tumultuous, a few things happen...  The stock market (and retirement accounts) can have drastic fluctuations, often wiping out years of gains overnight.  People’s ‘risk meters’ go into overdrive – keeping them in jobs they don’t like, scaring them away from continued investing. Unfortunately, in this current environment, because inflation is...

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Investing in Industrial Real Estate in 2023

Investing in industrial real estate has been an investor favorite for decades, especially for institutional investors. The industrial sector has consistently demonstrated resilience, even during economic downturns, making it an attractive opportunity due to its stability and profitability.  With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing demand for warehousing and distribution centers, the industrial real...

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