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A Financial Advisor’s Perspective On Including Alts In Your Portfolio w/ Josh Wright

Josh Wright is an experienced financial advisor who uses alternative investments as a key pillar for his clients. In this interview, we dive into why Josh loves private alternatives and why most financial advisors avoid them, despite many advantages of private alts, including greater diversification & potentially higher returns than the public market. --- Watch...


Advisor To Ultra-Wealthy Families Shares About Alts & Legacy Planning With Ryan Parson

A financial advisor for HNWs, Ryan Parson looks at not just stocks and bonds but also private equity and other alternatives. Parson spent years in the financial education space and went deep into alternatives. While typical Ultra HNWs have upwards of 50% of their portfolios in alternatives, the average investor has about 5% allocated to private alts....


Podcast Recap – Our Top Highlights So Far

As we close out the year, Bob and Ben take a few minutes to share some of their highlights from interviews on the podcast since launch. If you're new to the podcast, this episode will give you a quick peek into some of our best conversations and interviews. Plus, a little sneak preview of what's...


Journey from Active to Passive Investor – Interview with Whitney Elkins-Hutten

How do you start generating income from your investments and how do you transition that into a flow of passive income? Ben Fraser and Jim Maffuccio are back with real estate maven and director of Investor Education at Passive Investing, Whitney Elkins-Hutten, to learn more about passive investing and growing your assets. Whitney wholeheartedly believes...