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[International Mini-Series] Investing In Emerging Markets With Ladislas Maurice

Ladislas Maurice, dubbed the “Wandering Investor,” called his corporate career quits to travel the world in search of investing opportunities. Focusing mostly on emerging and frontier markets, Ladislas’ has used investing to make money, but also to secure residency in countries around the world. Tune in to hear his unique experience, as well as what...


2022 Economic Outlook with Bob Fraser

What To Expect For The Rest of the Year In this week's episode Bob Fraser discuss the future of inflation, CRE cap rates, housing sales volume and prices, if a recession is about to happen, and what these imply for investors. So if you're curious about where the market is headed, make sure to listen...


Investing With Your Tribe – feat. Travis Smith, CEO of Tribevest

Investing with friends and family can be a great way to pool resources and make big investments, while spreading out the risk. But it's important to set some ground rules before you get started. In this podcast, Travis Smith, Ben Fraser, and Jim Maffuccio discuss the pros and cons of investing with “tribes”, reducing risk, and some tips...


Top of Mind Series: What’s Causing High Gas Prices?

Nearly everyone is asking, "What's the deal with gas prices?" Most Americans are feeling the pinch, while energy bills and gasoline prices have been skyrocketing for months. So, what is causing such a dramatic increase in energy prices? Is the Ukraine invasion solely to blame for rising energy prices? In this week's Top of Mind...