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Wholesaling: Getting Started in Real Estate with Minimal Capital feat. Josiah Grimes

In this episode, co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser sit down with wholesaling expert Josiah Grimes to discuss the ins and outs of wholesaling. For those getting started on their wealth building journey or wanting a more active investing approach, wholesaling can be a great way get into real estate without the hassle of being...


Inflation, Recession, Jobs: Discussion with Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl

Join co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser in their insightful conversation with Dr. Chris Kuehl, a reputable economist and founder of a corporate intelligence business based in Kansas City. In this episode, they delve into a range of pressing economic issues that impact both businesses and individuals globally. With a focus on inflation, recession, interest...


Top Money-Making Investments for 2023: Economic Megatrends for Investors – Part 1

This episode is part 1 from Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser's presentation "Top Money-Making Investments for 2023: Economic Megatrends for Investors". They provide valuable insights including the evolution of stimulus packages, the impact on inflation, quantitative easing, consumer health, and if we're headed into recession. Make sure that you know these megatrends before you invest,...


Top of Mind: Breaking Down Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse and the Contagion Effect

Join co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser as they break down the factors that led to Silicon Valley Bank's collapse and analyze the potential ripple effects on the market. You'll learn the answers to these top of mind questions - How did Silicon Valley Bank get taken over by the FDIC within 48 hours? Is...