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Roth Conversion Secrets: Maximizing Your Retirement Savings feat. Craig Wear

In this episode, Jim Maffuccio and Ben Fraser are joined by guest Craig Wear, a Certified Financial Planner™ with 32+ years of experience and the author of two Amazon #1 Best Selling books, Paying the Piper, and Roth Conversion Secrets, to discuss maximizing retirement savings and avoiding hidden tax traps in 401k and IRA accounts....


Short Term Rentals: Corporate Housing vs. Vacation Rentals feat. Dr. Chau Ong

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Chau Ong, a 7-figure Airbnb Freedom Coach and expert in short-term rentals. Dr. Ong shares insights and strategies for achieving financial freedom through short-term rentals, specifically the corporate housing sector. Most investors assume short-term rentals are only for vacation rentals, but Dr. Ong shares the pros and cons...


Hedge Fund Investing: Leveraging Technology to Beat the Market feat. Tory Reiss

In this episode, Tory Reiss, the CEO and co-founder of Equi, joins co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser to discuss how their proprietary technology is selecting the best hedge funds to invest in. And how they’re building an investment platform to make hedge fund investing more accessible to retail investors. Tune in to hear why...


Building Wealth Without Wall Street feat. Joey Mure

In this episode, co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser sit down with Joey Mure, partner and co-founder of Wealth Without Wall Street, to discuss investing strategies beyond Wall Street. Joey shares his insights on how investors can break away from the traditional investments offered by Wall Street and explore alternative assets. Joey discuss practical tips...