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Collectibles, Comic Books & Music Royalties – How To Evaluate Modern Alternatives With Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof is the co-founder of, and is an investor in “modern” alternatives. Stefan talks about investing in newer assets like collectibles, cultural assets, and music rights. Without a central, authoritative source for valuations, Stefan discusses how to navigate the wild west of these new asset classes - where the opportunity lies, and what...


[International Mini-Series] Investing In Emerging Markets With Ladislas Maurice

Ladislas Maurice, dubbed the “Wandering Investor,” called his corporate career quits to travel the world in search of investing opportunities. Focusing mostly on emerging and frontier markets, Ladislas’ has used investing to make money, but also to secure residency in countries around the world. Tune in to hear his unique experience, as well as what...


Investing With Your Tribe – feat. Travis Smith, CEO of Tribevest

Investing with friends and family can be a great way to pool resources and make big investments, while spreading out the risk. But it's important to set some ground rules before you get started. In this podcast, Travis Smith, Ben Fraser, and Jim Maffuccio discuss the pros and cons of investing with “tribes”, reducing risk, and some tips...


Breaking Down the Brewing Energy Crisis and Opportunities feat. Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser

Oil and gas prices have been on the rise, but what does this mean for passive investors?  Download Bob’s slides or watch Ben Fraser and Bob Fraser as they delve into more macroeconomic trends in the oil and gas industry, current market events, and analyze Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research since 1998. Don't miss this...