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Transitioning from Private Equity to Private Debt w/ Jeremy Goff

In this episode, we sit down with Jeremy Goff, CEO of Hiram Capital, to talk about both the energy sector and the private credit space. Jeremy shares from his background working for Blackstone, the largest alternative asset manager, talking through how energy has shifted over recent years and where it’s headed. Then he dives into...


Investing In Rare Coins With Dana Samuelson

The collectible coin market is on fire. As a professional numismatist, Dana has been studying rare coins for over 40 years. On this episode, he shares about his background in the rare coins market, the economics behind owning coins and precious metals, where the industry is headed, and how investors can make money through the...


Is Retail Real Estate the Next Hot Asset Class? – Interview w/ Parker Webb

On the heels of our latest Top of Mind episode on retail real estate, this episode dives into a unique area of retail, neighborhood strip centers, with Parker Webb, FTW Investments CEO. Parker has worked in retail real estate since 2013, and in this conversation, we cover cap rates and cash flow, how these centers...


Passive Investor Spotlight #5: Buying Your Time Back With Justin Donald

Justin Donald, author of The Lifestyle Investor, has been named the “Investment World’s New Warren Buffett.” Justin joins Bob and Ben to talk about his transition from a business owner on a hamster wheel to a lifestyle investor with control over his time. He talks about his first cash-flowing investments, how he creatively structures deals,...